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"Harmony Palace" by Oxygenstar Vinyl​+​Digi

by Bot Records

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    Design by 310K , Amsterdam. No expense spared! Mastering by Complete, NY City, quality pressing at Brooklyn Phono,. Put the Bass in the mix and own some history in your hands. Oxygenstar is a incredible artist and producer.

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One of Sheet:
Chiptune, 8-bit, idm, Electro, progressive bitpop ‘r are all words that can be summoned to describe this super-multi instrument talented artist“Oxygenstar” coming from the outer perimeter’s of the New York City area. Oxygenstar has been very active in the 8 Bit, chiptune underground music scene of the North West, defying categorization due to his unique diverse sound. Hacked Nintendos and gameboys to the max and driven to full melt down by some of the most diverse musical programming imaginable.
Oxygenstar is one of our greatest discoveries, skilled in playing the Drums, Keyboards, Guitar and a rampant programmer with a truly unique production sytle. Everything on this EP was created by Oxygenstar. Graduate with a music production degree all of this Synth Pop Nintendo Waver, is held together with excellent production skills and true muicallity. His arrangements are perfect along with everything else on the EP . Lo-fi to the Max , 8 Bits being pushed to the extreme. Emotive electronic Noir, Bladerunner meets Electro, Gameboy, are but a few words to describe this Magical release.
Fully Mastered by Complete Mastering in Conneticut and Pressed at Brooklyn Phono in NY City round out the overall quality of this release. Graphic Design was done by the notorious 310K Design Group in Amsterdam, well known in the music and graphics world. Everything in this release was done to the fullest quality, but most importantly the music as well leads the way. Let your ears be the judge

The last train home.

To fully comprehend the the force that drives OxygenStar (Carl Peczynski), one must travel back in time to ‘96 when MTV was still playing music. Inspired by Michael J Fox’s performance during the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ dance, Carl was immediately drawn to the sound of an electric guitar. From that day forward, Carl developed an ongoing interest in other instruments, such as piano and the drumset. Self-taught and just out of high school, he took to working on solo electronic projects. By the year 2000, OxygenStar quickly became the most important adventure of Carl’s musical pursuit and has grown far too large to be contained in his apartment.

chiptune, 8-bit, idm, electronic, progressive bitpop
/c64Chiptunes are within a genre of computer-generated music , which is characterized by a distinctive sound. Its origin lies in the home computer - and video games era. The original chip tunes from records that the sounds through sound chips of - - by today's standards quite simple synthesizers are generated and output, which generate the corresponding sounds in real time. Is the legendary SID chip of the Commodore C64 . The term chiptune was in the Amiga scene knows where, with the help of trackers, music and sound samples generated by each instrument. Compositions that attempted the style and tone of sound chips to maintain, were designated as chiptune to them by the classical mod files to differ. To this end, very short samples or defined note loops used.

Chiptunes have the advantage that the generated files will remain very small and therefore find use in demos and intros from the demo scene and cracktros of release groups from the warez scene, in which it is important to use as little disk space.

[ edit ] tuner chip

True chiptunes still stand in a niche outside of techno , electro , industrial and others, but often to remember these genres. Even compared to ringtones is bordered from the scene and asked not to be taken in connection therewith. To make the claim that modern music with trackers with vocal samples and effects go far beyond that.

Some see the tuner chip technology and techno-wave in the 1990s merely a result of their work, an inflation of their earlier work and the degeneration of the original chiptunes for the mass taste, although some have also found success there.
[ edit ] Design Chiptune

Characteristic of chiptunes is the rare occurrence of actual polyphonic chords in the classical sense. In Chiptunes chords are usually about arpeggios formed to save tracks. This restriction is based on the fact that the first sound chips could play rarely more than three sound channels in parallel - to play a chord would often occupied all the available channels. Because of these "voices scarcity" have many tunes a very complex structure. In order to give sound more than just three instruments, the gaps in a melody, for example, the bass will be used to let there be heard a different instrument or an accompanying voice. Therefore located on a canal two or more melodies or voices. This technique lends itself to it, using rhythms with many early elements. In the field of SID Tunes has such a very funky style developed.

Another technique is to incorporate more voices, often on the channel, where the bass and drums are heard. Before the individual bass tones for a fraction of a second noise is set. This creates the impression of a kind of hi-hat on a drum kit. Examples of this style are at the High Voltage SID Collection (see link below) to see the composer Mitch & Dane.

A related genre is the Bitpop .
[ edit ] presence

By lifting the limit of modern channel tracker is available for tech-savvy composers now largely no more restrictions. Compared to proprietary formats such as MP3 , no compression artifacts. Comparable echo and reverb effects provide only lossless formats.

Through any mix of self-defined notes and instruments - unlike even the MIDI format - (assuming phonetic skills) and the possibility of even simple samples to human voices revalue can theoretically each composed polyphonic piece of music even today as Mod realize.

Working on an MP3-to-mod converter to fail, however, usually because the computer already played the instruments and samples can not be clearly defined. Provided that the orchestra performed compositions, however, notes there is an exact rebuild as a mod just a matter of time invested in it.

Roland Juno-106
Casio Casiotone701
Casio Cz-5000
Sony Vaio
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo DS
-Amiga 2500-


released January 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Bot Records New York, New York

Bot Records was created in 2008, really about deep synthesis, different ways of programming/producing and not having to meet the sonic demands of the dancefloor or commercial retail.

Drone to Dublectro or even piched down breaks are the new territories of which Bot will conquer.

We're looking for new soundscapes to explore and sonic boundaries to define in a future world history.
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